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Benchmark One joins other major providers of software to K-12 education in pledging to abide by the terms of the Student Privacy Pledge (Click to view)

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Helen Ryley, Vice President of Educational Programs Leads National Award Winning Program (Click to view more information)

State Designated State Model Educator Evaluation Training Provider (More Information)

 Winter 2018 Newsletter

Benchmark One, Inc. provides professional development, training and consulting services, leadership and school improvement products and software applications to educational institutions and other training organizations nationally and internationally. Our product line is supported by a network of consultants offering a broad range of expertise and experience in leadership development, improved organizational performance, and practices as well as legislated mandates for increased student achievement in public and private schools.



Are you looking for products or consultants to assist your organization to:



Redeploy resources and redesign organizational structures to significantly impact performance results

 bulletMeet the 100% target for [AYP] proficiency by 2018 
bulletClose achievement gaps more quickly
 bulletRemove roadblocks / barriers to accelerate progress toward a culture for quality performance in a time of rapid changedentify strategic priorities and establish the most efficient means to accelerate progress toward high quality teaching and learning 
 bulletMeet accreditation requirements
 bulletDevelop a strong professional learning community for accountability, improvement and change
Benchmark offers the latest computer and telecommunications capabilities to provide ongoing electronic technical assistance and support minimizing costs related to travel for on-site visits and training. We are careful to define each project and clarify your expectations in our initial planning. We facilitate connections and networking with leaders and staff in various stages and phases of organizational development focused setting improvement targets and achieving  results.  

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With various funding programs at Federal and State levels we have timelines as well as public demand for accountability for quality teaching and rapid improvement in learning. School leaders need strategies to accelerate the time frame for results.

Through Benchmark One's poducts and consultants, explore research-based, concrete, systemic change strategies leaders can use to prioritize where and how they focus time, energy, and resources to remove barriers, reduce fragmentation and mobilize schools to meet the 100% target for proficiency by 2015.


Benchmark established Adopt-A-School program to help New Orleans area schools affected by Hurricane Katrina (read more . . )

What Makes a School Great (read more . .






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