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How we drive value for our customers:

  Innovative and Flexible Technology

  Intuitive, innovative and integrated

A “keep it simple” user experience is critical to customer adoption and increasing workforce productivity; what you leave out of a system is just as important as what you include. Our intuitive, Web-based cloud technology allows you to manage your human capital more effectively, reach your goals, and realize a quicker ROI.

Workplace Productivity

Simplifying your workplace solutions

We only build solutions that help organizations maximize their human and physical resources. Our laser focus on workplace solutions gives us deep insight into the challenges organizations face managing employees, facilities, and physical assets. This insight allows us to build solutions that maximize your investments, drive cost out of your organization, and increase the productivity of your people.

Education & Adoption

Increasing confidence increases utilization

Our number one priority is simply to delight our customers. We build and implement solutions that work the way you need them to. We believe customer education and adoption are the most important factors in defining a successful customer experience. The knowledge we gain from our Customer Success Management model bolsters a successful long-term partnership and a trusted advisor relationship that will grow with you and the ever-changing landscape of your organization.

Industry Expertise

Efficient collaboration & execution

At the highest level, our customers share common challenges, but we don’t all speak the same language. Each industry has its own vocabulary, workflow and set of challenges. Our deep domain experience and subject matter expertise in defined verticals allows us to apply practical knowledge, not unproven concepts. Our industry expertise is magnified in our user interface, and in the workflow of the products we build, the solutions we implement, and the language we speak. With Benchmark One Software as your partner, you won’t need an industry translator.

Global and Compliant

Safeguarding compliance around the globe

Organization leaders trust Benchmark One Software to manage their human and physical resources from large campuses to virtual offices all around their organization. By staying ahead of the legal curve and standardizing work processes, we help organizations reduce risk and liability and maintain global compliance. In a world where the workplace is becoming more geographically diverse, and the law is increasingly complex, it’s easy to get caught up in nonstrategic activities. Everyone needs a knowledgeable partner to help remain focused and on track.

Asset Optimization

Asset utilization equals high performance

Benchmark One software maximizes return on assets by optimizing asset utilization and minimizing demands on internal IT staff. Simply put, a turbocharged staff is stimulated by maximizing company resources while eliminating waste out of employee’s workflow, ensuring a high-performing work environment.



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